Jack the Evac

Here at Last Call K-9 Rescue, we never turn down a dog in need of love and a forever home. In this section, this adaptable need a little extra love and attention from Last Call K-9 Rescue as well as their Vet. This page is dedicated to the dogs that need extra time and donations or that have passed because of illness, and so we place them on this page because they will always remain in our hearts. With enough donations, the help of our foster homes, Last Call K-9 Rescue and of course our Vet. We fight to give all of the dogs the vet care they need to be healthy and happy. 

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Our Special Case Adoptables and Forever in Our Hearts

Special Cases

Forever In Our Hearts

Jack the Evac! This handsome older fellow was scampering around, looking for help during the Phelan evacuation of the Blue Cut Fire. A good Samaritan watched people shooing him away as they were getting gas and trying to get out of town. She had no idea what to do so took him to a Vet (Our Vet). We saw this boy and his eye, thinking maybe an injury from the fire, sadly it was a tumor, no owner came forward. They were going to euthanize him. Other than the tumor, he was healthy, and so we decided this boy had more living to do and we did the surgery to remove this massive tumor. It turned out to be cancer, but they had high hopes it was not going to spread. This handsome man healed up and was such a happy dog. He loved water and would play in sprinklers and run in the house slipping around on the tile. He loved toys and especially my kids, he always ended up cuddling on the couch next to them. Right around Thanksgiving, it appeared the tumor was growing back. It grew rather fast. The Vet suggested after Christmas; we remove it yet again. Right around Christmas, Jack became extra clingy. You could tell that the tumor was very painful. Beginning in January, Jack wasn't acting himself and showed signs of a urinary tract infection, so we rushed him back to the Vet. To our surprise, the X-rays revealed cancer had spread to his lungs and most likely other organs. We brought him home to spoil him and love him until he let us know he was finished with his time on Earth. Sadly, January 15th he decided he was done, when he didn't greet me at the door nor even lift his head, I knew. Jack was a loving, full of life dog up until the last day. Though his surgery was very costly, we would do it again. We only had not quite five months with him, but he was pain-free for those last few months. We miss him greatly. Run free Jack The Evac and thank you for blessing us with your loving ways!