Minnie 8 week old Shih Tzu

Buster 7 weeks old Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Sheppard Mix

Ryder, female Pitty, 3 years old

Aspen and Bagheera, staffordshire/American Bulldog/Boxer mix 12 weeks old

Maverick 11 month old male jack Russell pit mix.

Chester, 7 wk old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shepherd

Sally 1 and 1/2 year old beagle

LILO, 6 mo old female Chihuahua Infusion

Jericho, approx 1 year old Male Boxer

Zip, 2.5 year old female Australian Kelpie/Australian Shepherd mix.

Onyx, Staffordshire/American Bulldog/Boxer mix 12 weeks

Bounce, 5 mo old Black Lab

Fraizure, Cairn Terrier Mix

Meet Our Adoptable Pets

Wilson, 1 to 2 years old poodle terrier mix male

Marmaduke, make Great Dane. 2.5 years old. Dog friendly, house trained

8 week old Staffordshire mixes

Duke 18 mth gsd

Forest around 5 years old...boxer mix

Katniss, Justice and Trapper 2.5 month old .

Anna Border collie mix

Lady, lab mix

Maggie 3 year old Lab/Bassett mix

Freja 1 year old female pitty mix

Ernie, 9 week old Shih tzu mix

Lucy, 3 year old Lab/Bassett mix

Sheba, Dane/lab mix 14 mo.

Marshmallow female terrier mix

ava 8 years old both female

Nacho, Chihuahua mix, one year's old


"Because Every Life Matters"

Luke 7 mo old Shepherd mix

Rocky, Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shepherd mix 7wks

Bert, 9 week old Shih Tzu mix

Thor and Hercules 2 years old Shepard rottie mix bonded pair

Born Jan 4, shepherd/Pitty infusion

Jewel, Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shepherd mix 7 wks old

4 mo old female chiweenie

Moose, Pom/chi/Heeler mix


Ding Ding, 6 year old male Chihuahua infusion.

Hero Border Collie mix

Bettie 8 years old both female

Kristoff Border collie mix

Tank, 3-year-old awesome Pitty. Dog and kid friendly