5 week old Lab mix

LILO, 6 mo old female Chihuahua Infusion

Luke 7 mo old Shepherd mix

Bettie 8 years old female

Katie, 8 years old

Maverick 11 month old male jack Russell pit mix.

Jericho, approx 1 year old Male Boxer

Meet Our Adoptable Pets

Speedy, 4 yr old Norwich Terrier mix

Sheba, Dane/lab mix 14 mo.

Cowboy, 4 years old Chi Mix

"Because Every Life Matters"

Valentino. 10 yrs old pom/yorkie mix

Crybaby and Prince, 8 years old Chi Mix

Meeki: 2 to 3 year old small female Belgian Mallnois. High energy, vocal, loves to play fetch. Highly intelligent and trainable. Housebroken and crate trained. Very good with kids and adults. No cats, small dogs or small animals.

Kodi, male is a 1 year old border collie Mix

Nacho, Chihuahua mix, one year's old

5 week old Lab mix

Max, male lab mix 1.5 years old

Avi, 8 years old Chi Mix

Tank, 3-year-old awesome Pitty. Dog and kid friendly

Mama Dog, female lab 4 years old

Zip, 2.5 year old female Australian Kelpie/Australian Shepherd mix.


Wilson, 1 to 2 years old poodle terrier mix male

Ryder, female Pitty, 3 years old

Rukia, 2 yrs old. Schnauzer/chi mix

Nakali, 5year old female husky