pepper great Dane mix. Aka prince

Zeus and Aries, 4 year kid labs. (Can be adopted separate)

Shepherd Rotti puppies

Tammy 4 month old lab/dachshund

Rat Terrier Chihuahua Mix Puppies

Meet Our Adoptable Pets

Rukia, 2 yrs old. Schnauzer/chi mix

Dutch Shepherd Mix

Max, male lab mix 1.5 years old

Lily, poodle mix

Princess, 4 year Old Boxer

Crybaby and Prince, 8 years old Chi Mix

Max 10 months shep mix male

Mama Dog, female lab 4 years old

Baby, 7 yr old chihuahua

LILO, 6 mo old female Chihuahua Infusion

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"Because Every Life Matters"

Valentino. 10 yrs old pom/yorkie mix

Whiskey, approximately 3 year old female Boxer

Maverick 11 month old male jack Russell pit mix.

Nacho, Chihuahua mix, one year's old