Benji, shepherd mix, 2 years

Blaze, chi/jrt mix, 4 years old. Loves kids!

Nacho, Chihuahua mix, one year's old

"Because Every Life Matters"

Luke, approx 3 mo old

11 week, Pitty mix

Dory 13-year-old Maltese, who was relinquished by her owner to the shelter. Calm, sweet, loves everyone, housebroken, and loves her toys!

11 week, pitty mix

Twila 7 months Border Collie

Lola approx 7 mo Pointer/Lab

Archie terrier mix approx 1 year

Forest around 5 years old...boxer mix

Millie is about 1 and 1/2 Terrier Mix

Melly, 9 wks female chi pug mix

Scare, 1 year old Jack Russell mix

Sheba, Dane/lab mix 14 mo.


Teddy, 2 years old, Pointer/Bull Terrier.

Leila approx 7 mo Pointer/Lab

Meet Our Adoptable Pets

Kent, lab mix 3 mo

Radar is a lab mix, 3 mo

Jasper, Approx 3 mo old Border Collie mix

Tundra, 3 mo female Shepherd mix

Sasha, Female

Charleigh, female, 2 years, lab mix

Terrier mix, brown is Cheyenne white is Raine. Both Female 3 months

Flash approx 5 mo

Wilson, 1 to 2 years old poodle terrier mix male

Macy, 10 mo old EBG MIX

Jasper, Approx 3 mo old Border Collie mix

Layla approx 5 mo

Tigger almost 2, schnauzer/Boxer mix

Garlic, 4 years, Cairn Terrier mix

Zee pitbull male about 2 years old